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Document Management - CAF / SAF


  • Warehousing & Retrieval of CAF.
  • Receiving, Auditing, Scanning, Storage and Retrieval of CAF.
Scope of Work
  • Data of CAF maintained at Warehouse.
  • Data indicating rack & file number of each CAF.
  • Retrieval of desired CAF in minimum time.
Receiving of CAF at STAN Warehouse on Daily Basis
  • Confirmation on receipt of CAF over mail.
  • Matching of physical CAF with soft data & intimating any discrepancy.
  • MIS will acknowledge the receipt of CAF & documents attached with it.
Audit of CAF
  • Checking scheme opted for by the customer, special waivers, if any, etc.
  • Checking documents attached with CAF as per the list, say Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Residence (POR), Photograph of Customer, Form 60/ Form 61, Customer Verification (CV) Form, Customer & Agency Signature.


  • Clear Report (in case of no discrepancy).
  • Discrepancy Report (in case of any discrepancy).
  • Faulty CAF returned for removing discrepancy before scanning.
  • CAF not in “Soft Data”, to be intimated to the Client.
  • Maintaining record of faulty CAF till rectification is made.
  • The filing is based on serial numbers provided by the company.
  • The number of CAF mentioned on each folder & box.
  • At any point of time, the quantity of CAF available as per the count.